Green Minning

Peru’s extremely poor population is suffering do to political marginalization and discrimination. People continue to gather and rise up as communities all over the territory to stop international mining projects because of the lack of information provided to the investors and to the communities, Forestation Peru has spotted serious problems and is trying to help by launching an incentive that shows how to live in this environment. The goal of our Project is to show the Peruvian society how to live in harmony with the environment considering the arid terrains where mineral mining is the most important source of employment, where water is a limited resource that is usually contaminated by the informal mining techniques of poor under educated Peruvians.
The reality is that Peru is a mining country which means that the Government, the informal miners or/and the international companies will continue to extract minerals from these lands. Even though it sounds horrible, we live in a third world country where money creates the laws. Corruption is everywhere and we need to learn how to live around it. Corruption is what allows mining projects to exist near rivers, lakes, towns, and inside the amazon. Corruption is what allows informal miners to use clean rivers to process gold, silver and other precious metals. Knowing all these problems, we had the idea of launching Forestation Peru. We purchased 2400 ha. of land in Quirihuac alto, Peru a small town 22km from the city of Trujillo.